Take-Up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Enable mobility planning authorities across Europe to adopt SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) as a strategic planning approach, particularly in countries where adoption is low and the negative effects of transport have a significant impact. This is the goal of the SUMPs-Up project.

SUMPs-Up is one of three SUMP-related projects under the European Union’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative. It brings together seven partner cities – Birmingham (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Malmö (Sweden), San Sebastian (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki (Greece), Turin (Italy) – and eight partner organisations, including Torino Wireless, all committed to supporting European cities towards cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

City of Birmingham (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Malmö (Sweden), San Sebastian (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria), Salonicco (Greece), Turin (Italy)

Torino Wireless has contributed to the analysis of barriers and challenges in the adoption of the PUMS for the City of Turin by supporting the planning process, monitoring and impact assessment. In the framework of these activities we have coordinated the implementation of some sustainable urban mobility measures in the City of Turin.